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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

You have hard time to decide the best period for your kitesurfing vacation? Relax we all give you the best advice for your next Dakhla kitesurf trip. The main season in Dakhla it’s from March to October when you all get 90% of wind, where that 10% goes!!! Good question, Most of the time wind drop when we get the biggest tide coefficients! this happens only with the full moon. From our experience over more than 10 years of kitesurfing every day in all the kite spots of Dakhla we can assure you that we have seen only 5% of the time the wind droping on the smallest coefficients and it happen really rare on the main season.

We don’t want you to miss this big coefficient tide also because you all enjoy this large shallow lagoon, the only thing we try to explain is that the wind more likely to drop more in this time of month, we also get good wind during this big full moon coefficient. If you want to ask about kitesurfing in Dakhla from November to February, i wouldn’t say it’s the no wind season you just need to know which spot would be working, because we got a lot of wind shade from hills. Main wind direction on this pervious season is north-east direction.

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