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  1. Pick-up in Casablanca or Marrakech


We suggest you travel into Casablanca or Marrakech, where we collect you in the morning and drive to Essaouira. If you’re coming into Casablanca, let us show you briefly around the landmark Hassan II mosque right on the seafront before continuing on our way south. Since it is in fact quicker to pass through Marrakech on the way to Essaouira rather than take the coastal road, we’d be happy to stop by the main souk for a couple of hours – or even arrange an overnight stay at a slight extra cost, if you want to take in the World Heritage Site Jemaa El-Fnaa, the main plaza outside the souk as it comes alive at night.


If it is more convenient to fly into Agadir, we are happy to meet you there and drive up to Essaouira also.


We’ve spent time in each of these cities and can advise you on overnight accommodation if you want to fly in the day before the trip.


  1. Essaouira: 2 nights


We’ll arrive in this gorgeous town for a late lunch, and spend the next two days discovering the labyrinthine old medina with its handicrafts, fortress walls and fish market; kitesurfing or surfing the rolling waves on the main beach, and soaking up the laid back vibes and seriously excellent restaurants.


Note that if you opt for the budget trip, the campsite we like is 25km outside the main town, at the sleepy surf spot of Sidi Kaouki. For the mid-range and comfort options, we have some awesome riads and apartments up our sleeves both in the new town and within the medina walls.


  1. Imsouane: 1 night


When you’ve had your fill of Essaouira, we’ll get on the road to Imsouane, a super chilled surfing and fishing village about an hour away. It’s a great place to master surfing, and we can sometimes kite as well if the wind direction is right. There are abundant accommodation options and eateries too.  


  1. Sidi Ifni: 2 nights


It’s a 4 hour drive on to Sidi Ifni, a favourite Moroccan holiday destination. You can stay busy surfing, kiting and discovering the local beaches such as Legzira with its iconic rock arch and Mirleft, a top surf hangout. The waves are pretty serious, so advanced riders can get their fill of wave riding with no crowds around. We can seek out some nearby spots suitable for beginners, but as ever, this is wind-dependent.


  1. Akhfenir: 1 night

Now we’re getting off the beaten track! Once we pass Guelmim, the ‘gateway to the Sahara,’ it all starts to look and feel a bit different…

Akhfenir might seem like another small sleepy fishing town, about 3h30 drive on from Sidi Ifni, but the area is full of hidden gems. We’ll show you our favourite secret flat water spot about half an hour out of town by Plage Naila, where a deserted lagoon fringes the sand dunes creating perfect conditions for kiting, for all levels.

There’s also the ‘gouffre d’Akhfenir,’ a huge hole in the cliffs from which you can look down at the crashing waves below.


  1. Boujdour: 1 night


Four hours further south, we hit the sun-bleached town of Boujdour. Here we can show you some spectacular wave riding beaches stretching as far as the eye can see with absolutely no one in sight.


  1. Dakhla – 3 nights


After a final 350km of endless desert landscape, we reach Dakhla and refresh at your accommodation in town, or at the campsite just outside of town for those on the budget trip.


This natural playground is by no means the end of the adventure: we will take you each day to the lagoon, the white dune, the wave spots, or anywhere else you wish to kite. This is our home turf, and we will ensure you get to know the best restaurants and kite spots. We also suggest you take a look at our ‘Trips around Dakhla’ page for further inspiration and tours we can arrange for you.


For the campers, after freshening up in the serviced campsite, we propose you spend at least one night sleeping at the stunning white dune, a Dakhla icon. We love camping there, in our traditional Saharawi tent with no one else around and a barbecue dinner of the finest fresh seafood and Moroccan mint tea. What are you waiting for?!


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