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There is so much more to Dakhla than just the lagoon! Come and discover this desert-meets-sea natural playground with us.

Available trips:

  • Dakhla visit

  • Speed spot

  • The magical secret spot

  • Oyster farm (downwinder or by car)

  • White dune (downwinder or by car)

  • Overnight camping at the white dune

    • Option to combine this with a downwinder to the oyster farm the next day

  • Oum Labouir wave spot (surfing or kiting)

  • Desert tour: Imlili, Porto Rico, White Dune, Source Asna and oyster farm


Scroll down for more info and prices for each trip.


Please note:

We normally need at least 3 or 4 people to run a trip (details specific to each trip below), and can take a maximum of 7 passengers in the car. However, if you are a bigger or smaller group we’re happy to make arrangements: just drop us a line to discuss alternative options and pricing, as we can always hire another vehicle, or take 1-2 people only for a small premium.



 This tour is ideal for no wind mornings, or if you want a break from kiting one morning during the week. If you are interested in learning about new cultures, come with us to see the real Moroccan and Saharawi lifestyle. We will show you: the fishing port, the traditional food market, Dakhla’s souk, and we can finish up in one of Dakhla’s nicest cafés, overlooking the lagoon.

Price: €20 per person, 4 – 7 people (larger groups catered for upon request).



One of Dakhla’s most famous spots: behind the big dune in the middle of the main lagoon you will discover the legendary speed spot. Here the wind blows offshore, which causes miraculous flat-water conditions.



  • €20 per person, 3 – 7 people (larger groups catered for upon request). This includes the trip to the speed spot by 4x4, and 2 hours of guided riding at the spot.

  • €100 per person private coaching combo. We suggest taking a 2-hour kite lesson down at the speed spot. Transport is included and the coaching price is reduced (normally 1 hour of private coaching is €30, see the ‘Coaching’ page).

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Every kitesurfer should experience the unique white dune, one of Dakhla’s unforgettable highlights.


Advanced kitesurfers can travel there by downwinder, guided by Pro Kite Morocco, or we can take you there by 4x4 from town or from the main lagoon, off-roading for around 40 minutes through the desert.


When there isn’t enough wind at the lagoon, which doesn’t happen too often, we generally get 3 to 5 knots more at the white dune, so it’s a safe bet for Dakhla’s ‘lighter wind’ days.


The downwinder takes around an hour and a half from the main lagoon, and we sometimes encounter flamingos and even dolphins on the way. When we reach the white dune the 4x4 will be waiting for you with water and snacks – and a picnic lunch if arranged in advance – and then you can spend as much time as you like relaxing or kiting around this most perfect of spots, or until the tide goes out.


Note that we should time the trip according to the tides to ensure you get the most out of your time at the white dune: this varies during the year so drop us a line to see what’s best during your stay.



  • Downwinder to the white dune with Pro Kite Morocco guide, return trip by 4x4: €25 per person, 4 – 7 people (larger groups catered for upon request).

  • Return trip by 4x4 to the white dune with Pro Kite Morocco guiding for your kite session: €20 per person, 4 – 7 people (larger groups catered for upon request).

    • Refreshments (water, biscuits) are included in the price of both trips (the downwinder and the 4x4 trip to the white dune), and we can arrange picnics upon request for a small cost depending on your preferences (gourmet or budget!) – just let us know in advance.

White Dune

White Dune

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