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We do have a lot of spots in Dakhla and they are all awesome, personally i like them all but this depends on wind speed and what I’m using like gear. Per example if it’s 15 knots of wind, it’s the perfect wind for trying new school unhooked tricks the only thing i need is to choose the right spot for it. yes definitely this buttery flat water the SPEED SPOT, but what you should know about this spot is that it works only 2h before and after low tide. Second example we got +25 knots, this wind conditions is perfect for starting your first air tricks where the wind speed will sustain you more in the air. the perfect spots will be the main lagoon or if it’s too crowded i would recommend you the WHITE DUNE or SECRET SPOT at the high tide 10 knots, what i can do with this wind? Well if you are a fun of trying new things i would totally recommend you to go and try some foiling except you should have a good kite control otherwise you all struggle a lot with it, i never felt like beginner again tell i tried foil board, it’s a good feeling also. the best spot to try it is the main lagoon at the low tide because you get a sharp 8m deep water straight from the shore, and it also show you the limit to not crash your 2000euro foil board. Please do contact us for more specific requests about the kite spots at Dakhla Morocco Youssef

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